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  • Elgin County Small Business Achievement Award 2016

    Article by SBEC's Website Manager
    Published on November 8, 2016

    Bee Loved Gardens

    This award is to recognize an Elgin County entrepreneur who has created a successful and growing business through the application of commitment, dedication, hard work, ingenuity and innovation.

    Deanna van den Dries of Bee Loved Gardens is probably one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She is a one-woman powerhouse. Deanna operates Bee Loved Gardens, a small diversified farm near Iona Station, in Elgin County. Bee Loved grows a wide range of vegetables, fresh-cut flowers, and culinary herbs. Bee Loved raises heritable-breed pigs, as well as chickens, turkeys and ducks. Produce is sold at the farm on Saturday mornings from mid-July to October and through weekly deliveries of fresh vegetables and flowers to families in London and St. Thomas.  All natural farming methods are used, applying the principles of biological and regenerative agriculture. In the process of recovering from Lyme disease, she became convinced that nutrient-dense foods are essential to regaining and maintain a high level of health.

    From a marketing perspective, Bee Loved Gardens sets themselves apart on social media. Pictures are engaging, interesting and informative. They showcase the beauty that is created at Bee Loved Gardens. Deanna has strong partnerships with many businesses in St. Thomas and Elgin County and her business continues to grow.

    Tonight’s farm-to-table meal features Bee Loved greens, root veg and chicken and as some of you know, I love food and can’t wait!

    Deanna, congratulations and thank you for sharing your talent and expertise with us.

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