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  • Inspirational Entrepreneur Award 2016

    Article by SBEC
    Published on November 10, 2016

    Out There Creative Therapy

    This award is presented to a small business in Elgin County or St. Thomas that has overcome life transitional challenges while starting or running their existing business.

    Out There Creative Therapy in Springfield is a vibrant, non-profit social enterprise that provides hip-hop workshops, dances, theatre production and creative activities for youth affected by mental illness. Kellen DeVos, Creative Director and Founder started the organization based on his own journey toward mental health.  I can’t say it better than SZ Magazine about Kellen…“Kellen is many things – a talented performing rap artist know as Word Salad, a stand-up comedian, part-time janitor and  volunteer for the Psychosis Early Prevention Program in St. Thomas. It is clear that there is one thing he is not: his diagnosis of schizophrenia. Kellen is on a mission to break stigma and help others to live the life they were meant to live.”

    And Kellen is true to his word. Through his work with Out There Creative Therapy, he allows others to see into his journey toward health. Instead of masking it, he lives it. This has the power not only to inspire, but help people in discovering their own road to recovery.

    Kellen and his board continue to look for ways to grow this important social enterprise and we look forward to new developments and opportunities for this important organization that is doing much to help youth in our community. I would be remiss I didn’t share details about his signature event starting tomorrow until the 29th Screamfield,  Out There Creative Therapy’s signature event. All of you with preteens and teens looking for something to do this weekend will not be disappointed with their Halloween Haunt at the Springfield Community Centre. Check out their ‘Screamfield’ Facebook page for details!

    Kellen – thank you for all you are bringing to our community. You are a true inspiration.


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