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  • Young Business Leadership Award 2016

    Article by SBEC
    Published on November 10, 2016


    This award goes to a business that rocks and business model and sets themselves apart as a business leader in their area of expertise.

    Leadership is having a vision, sharing it and inspiring others to support the vision while creating their own. It’s about setting a tone, motivating, inspiring, thinking big, and never giving up when others feel like quitting.

    Leaders use their intuition to guide them and inspire a team to come along for a ride. They listen to that ‘inner voice’ even when it’s risky, scary and challenging the status quo.

    Each of us likely knows someone that embodies this definition in a very real and tangible way. Dan Black and Matt Leberge definitely fit the bill. The journey of their company, League Above Product Developments (LAPD) and the flagship product #ClapBalm has been one marked by the tenants of leadership. It all started a year ago with the creation of ClapBalm: a practical solution to hockey hands. ClapBalm quickly deodorizes smelly hockey hands. It’s portable, affordable and easy to use. Their vision of getting ClapBalm onto the shelves of hockey outfitters and into the hands of hockey players has become a reality through marketing, local manufacturing, reaching out to influencers, aligning with local mentors, and forming a great team. It’s this combination of creating a vision inspiring others to join them that make them leaders.  Dan and Matt have collaborated with a local packager to trim manufacturing costs and have an e-commerce store to get ClapBalm into the hands of hockey players. Their team, the BalmSquad, is made up of brand mavens, influencers and hockey enthusiasts that like the product and are happy to do their part in building awareness. ClapBalm has made it into hockey bags, tournaments, and onto store shelves through the network of BalmSquad and Dan and Matt’s relentless pursuit of their vision. All of this was made possible by the innovative social media marketing campaigns, radio ads, and news articles featuring ClapBalm.

    Matt & Dan, you are making a mark in your industry. We look forward to seeing what the next step is for Clap Balm and League Above Product Developments. Congratulations.

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