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    Article by SBEC
    Published on July 31, 2016

    Elgin/St. Thomas SBEC is so lucky to have such a motivating and inspiring employee such as Tara McCaulley .  Tara and SBEC have supported me through so much over the last year.  Wandering Spirit Nursing had been a dream of mine for over a decade, and with help I was able to make my dream a reality.  I worked so hard on my business plan, and was awarded a start up grant.  It hasn’t been easy, as I had suffered a brain injury 2 years ago.  It never changed who I was and what my dreams and goals were, and Tara has stood by me with her guidance and patience, as my business continues to grow.  I couldn’t have done it without her, and her positive attitude and bubbly personality!


    How has SBEC helped my business?  With my funds I was able to buy a new lap top, printer and set up my dream office.  I was able to afford advertising, learn how to network.  The events are Amazing, and a lot to fun.  I highly suggest young entrepreneurs take advantage of all of the great services!  Not only that but I learned about taxes, what I need to stay organized, and how to be a better business woman.  The Mentors are great…. And always a shoulder to lean on if I was ever scared or feeling discouraged.  Starting a business is not easy, But it sure helps when you have awesome support for all us young, determined entrepreneurs.

    Thank you, Truly for all you have done for me, this e -mail could be endless.  This program has changed my life, and I continue to learn and grow with all of your support!

    Candace Dawn Galbraith – Wandering Spirit Nursing



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