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    Article by SBEC
    Published on November 15, 2016

    Salt and Pepper Meals

    This award is to reward the efforts of entrepreneurs who have started a business using strong research, good business planning, dedication, hard work, ingenuity and innovation.

    Anita Waite and Sarah Paradis were two busy moms with full time jobs and hectic lives and the longing to provide their families with fresh, healthy, home cooked weeknight meals. They understood the frustration that many other families must be going through with trying to feed a whole family with food that is both inexpensive and quick.

    Sarah and Anita, with excitement and determination, and an ongoing love affair with food joined forces to create a weekday meal service business that is revolutionizing meal time in St. Thomas, Elgin County and beyond. Anita and Sarah have said that they built Salt and Pepper Meals by passion and integrity, with an emphasis on taste, quality and value. They use the freshest ingredients, locally grown food, and make it look gorgeous, because, in their own words “let’s be frank – presentation is everything”.

    Customer service excellence, and creating customer loyalty is a driver in their sound business model and they are already looking at opportunities to expand and enter new markets.

    Now it may sound like this was easy…as many of you know, starting a business is never easy. What makes Anita and Sarah stand out from other new start-ups is the research they did. They went out to their networks and they asked questions. They did a ‘pilot’ during the summer before launching to help further cement their idea. They quickly identified potential partners and teamed up. They were regulars at the market and community events and created a strong presence on social media. This is making an impact and they are seeing strong financial results.

    Congratulations to Salt and Pepper Meals on winning the Promising New Start Up award.

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