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    Article by SBEC
    Published on November 10, 2016

    Smart Dental Hygiene

    This is awarded to a Libro small business customer who has created a successful and growing business that is positively impacting the economic well-being of the Elgin/St Thomas community through job creation and demonstrated support of other businesses in the community, innovative business strategies that display positive financial trending and demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in a changing business world.

    Sarah Foshay has several years of experience in combined Private Dental Practice and Public Health Dentistry and a background in Human Resources Management. During her tenure with Public Health Sarah helped develop, launch and operate a dental clinic under the Government Program, “Healthy Smiles’ targeted to low income families with children under the age of 17.  Based on the feedback she received, Sarah knew that many parents were looking for access to direct dental hygiene services at an independent clinic like the Health Unit.  When the Public Health management announced future program and job cuts, Sarah decided to apply for ‘self-initiation’ to become legally ‘Independent’ in- order to start her own dental practice without the requirement of a Dentist.

    Sarah launched Smart Dental Hygiene in July 2014. Smart Dental Hygiene is holistic focused and strives to remove barriers to make dental health care more accessible and affordable. In July of this year, Sarah reached her 2-year milestone in business and her goal is to reach a patient base of 800 clients by the end of 2016. But this is just the beginning of her accomplishments.

    Sarah has also recognized another need. The elderly often require an increase in preventive dental care to manage unique dental problems. For many seniors, barriers to dental care can include the inability to physically travel to an appointment. Sarah has provided a solution, which is the launch of mobile services. The recent mobile expansion initiative addresses a huge need in the community. The clinic is proud to now offer these valuable preventive services to those finding it difficult to access care, such as those living in long-term care facilities.

    Sarah continues her mission of offering the choice to access direct cost-effective preventative dentistry and to reduce barriers to dental healthcare.

    Congratulations to Smart Dental Hygiene on winning the Libro Small Business Award.

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