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  • operations 245455_1280Business Operations Definition: ‘Activities involved in the day to day functions of the business conducted for the purpose of generating profits.’


     Operations – The Five Daily Fundamentals

    Written by David Shedd, this article is a great summation of how to successfully manage the day-to-day world of business operations.

    Posted on May 3, 2016 by David Shedd

    Most companies still provide a tangible product or service. This means that companies need to have operations employing people to produce the product, deliver the product, or provide the service.These operations are essential to great customer service and building business success. Without a strong operational capability, product will not be delivered, promises will not be kept, and the customer will not be satisfied. So, what are the fundamentals that we, as leaders, need to keep front of mind, in order to drive operational success?

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